Young Adult-schrijvers (YA) in gesprek

Een Engelstalig gesprek tussen YA-schrijvers over gelijkheid en diversiteit. Luister mee met de Amerikaanse Renée Watson, Engelse Katherine Rundell en Nederlandse Abdelkader Benali. Ze bespreken: hoe komen de thema’s gelijkheid en diversiteit terug in Young Adult- en kinderboeken? Waarom vinden ze deze thema’s belangrijk? 

What does it mean to be represented in YA literature? How can we ensure that different voices are heard and why is this important? In this interactive panel discussion led by moderator Stephanie Afrifa, authors Katherine Rundell, Reneé Watson and Abdelkader Benali will discuss the ways diversity and quality are dealt with within the world of YA and children’s literature. Through a series of thought-provoking questions and by creating a space for the audience to also share their thoughts and opinions, this panel talk will be both inclusive and in depth. The authors will discuss their most recent publications and share the inspiration behind their work.